Welcome to a whole new treasure trove of luxurious & royal ethnic wear, trousseau & accessories.

Apparels that evoke the memories of glorious queens and beauteous princesses, formal indian ethnic ensembles, fabulous creations, lovingly worked by finest artisans and master craftsmen. Luxurious fabrics and sinuous silks that invoke evocative mystique, embellishments and embroideries that take your breath away…

Astonishingly exotic and elegant embellishments for your feet, effusive style statements straight from the regal wardrobes of erstwhile royals…
Fabulous Creations...Lovingly Worked by Finest Craftsmen & Artisans
From the historic bastions of iconic Patiala, where royal splendor, magnificence and exquisite style is a way of life and where the finest things have always been recognized and celebrated comes patyala royal couture an enterprise, a promise and an initiative.
Patyala is the perfect destination for royal wedding dresses and bridal wear based in chandigarh, punjab. We are relentlessly committed to preserving, perpetuating and popularizing the timeless and ethereal art and craft of traditional craftsmen, dyers, embroiderers and royal couturiers whose fabulous commitment to their craft and master rendering have created the royal patiala legend of style. Their venerable ateliers that dressed kings and queens whose style and substance is now the stuff of legends is no longer a glorious memory of the past but a living, breathing reality. We aspire to become the medium and connection that binds patrons and artisans together and encourages them to keep creating one of a kind masterpieces in conditions that are humane, equitable and ecologically balanced!
Here, every garment tells a tale, a tale that shimmers in the seams & whispers from the folds. The hint of a smile of the Masterful embroider who sits in the winter sun, using the colours of the most radiant rainbows in his creation.

Numberless folk tunes and dreams are sewn into every single piece and they speak one language - the language of love & grace.
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